The Tribloos 3 – Version 1.2(mac)/1.3(pc)

Hey Tribloos fans, time for an update on the latest version of the game. 1.3 Brings some stability updates, a change to the default gfx driver (for windows users) and various improvements to the game itself.

These version are live on BFG right now! So check your client for an update.



There were a number of achievements which were not…achievable! Oops, apologies for that. I changed the counting code later on in development and when the building ones seemed to work I wrongly assumed that “everything was fine”. I’ve now made the appropriate changes here and achievements are working as expected.

Boom Leaf Hover Text

You were all treated to my internal code system of the game here, if you noticed! It’s a bit of an obscure fix but details count right?

Changed GFX driver

So some people were experiencing weird issues with display with some gfx cards. I’ve changed the default display driver from dx7 to opengl. This can be overriden with a configuration setting. If you run into trouble either contact BFG or email me for help.

The Improvements

Static Backgrounds Option

From your user screen on the main menu you can tick a box which specifies if you want static backgrounds or not. This will pause movement in the following areas:

  • Flying Fortress (clouds/leaves when outside)
  • Pirate Ship (waves will be totally still)
  • Train (the train will not move)
  • Spotlights in circus

Vine Bush visibility

These now have lovely blue flowers which make them easier to notice on the tree backgrounds at the end of the first set of levels.

More story explanation

At the end of the first cutscene I have added some text which explains why the Tribloos split up and how that effects what level you can play next

End Of Level Arpeggio sound

Some users were describing that the end of level sounds were a bit naff – this turned out to be that my “clever” method of creating an arpeggio using a single sample failed. So I’ve created a full arpeggio recording now and stop it when the score bar finishes.

Things not yet done

Work on the Steam release have faltered over the last couple of weeks. I’m having to relearn some C++ to get the latest API stuff into a Blitzmax project for the achievements and I also want to put something more awesome in there that wasn’t in Tribloos 2. Look forward to more details!

But the Itch.IO version will be released soon. So for those that prefer a DRM Free experience, we’ve got you covered!

Let me know if you have any comments about the above

2 thoughts on “The Tribloos 3 – Version 1.2(mac)/1.3(pc)

  1. Hello! This is FerreTrip, the kid who used his mother’s account, psycheverse, to chat with you blokes before BFG decided to pretty much shut down the forums. I just finished the game, and I think you guys did a fanTAStic job! I’m quite interested in seeing what happens next–who made the…er…doohickey that’s pretty central in the final level? (Gotta avoid spoilers!) Lovely writing, very nice art, and a good surprise bit of seriousness with the revelation of the BIg Bad’s plot!

    I’m looking forward to seeing if you guys can manage to crank out those extra stages you were talking about before, and will happily buy this on Steam and play it again when it’s released there. That said, are you guys considering doing a “Collector’s Edition” rerelease if you decide to do the extra levels? Or will it just be DLC on Steam?

    Thanks for making such a great game, and good luck on your further endeavors! ^^

    1. Hi FerreTrip, thanks for the comment ๐Ÿ™‚
      Very glad to hear you enjoyed how the game played out.
      With the Steam version I now have achievements all working, however I wanted to include a new feature but I’m having some technical issues. I’m also trying to choose a suitable release date keeping the famous Steam sales in mind!
      I’m not sure the additional content, if we manage to make it, would appear as a collectors edition on BFG. There’s a big old queue for releasing those, according to my account manager there anyway. So I think (totally hypothetically) that we would group any DLC into a whole new release called “the lost levels” or something – Tribloos 3.5! Hehe
      Many thanks for your kind words!

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