Tribloos 3 OST released!

I’m a week late. I already have new news (new…news…okay). But I’m going to talk about this anyway today!

Last week we released the Tribloos 3 original soundtrack. This features the signature song from the game – “Build All The Way To The Moon” which has actual lyrics and actual singing.

I know, right?

Anyway, we’re pretty pleased with how this has turned out. So please check it out below and don’t forget to get the soundtrack from one of the following links:

Steam Store!

One thought on “Tribloos 3 OST released!

  1. I saw your dev question on Steam for Tribloos 4. Here are my thoughts:
    1-not as enjoyable as you can’t remove tribloos from a task like you can in 2 and 3.
    3-I have to set my display settings before I can open the game. idk if this is Windows or a bug in the game itself. Probably a windows update as I didn’t have to do this when it first came out.
    2-my favorite by far in terms of appearance and gameplay. Definitely like the ability to move tribloos around from task to task instead of having them locked on one. This is the one I play the most often, and yes, I’ve played them many times each.

    As for the story line. The first time I played the game, I read the story, but it’s not the least bit necessary. A simple picture with words (think Virtual Villagers storyline presentation) is all that is needed. I skip through them. I honestly only watch the story the first time as an OCD reaction. It isn’t needed for me at all.

    I saw one person state it had too many levels. I disagree. I play the games repeatedly as there aren’t other games out there like this one. The more levels the better PROVIDING they don’t become repetitive. Tribloos levels have yet to do that, so I wouldn’t worry about having too many levels imo.

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