We played Scrap Mechanic

Have you seen Scrap Mechanic yet? We played it during our livestream last Friday and thought it was pretty bloomin’ awesome.

Scrap Mechanic
Scrap Mechanic

It’s billed as a survival game but we mostly spent out time building weird contraptions in an attempts to drive, or vaguely fly, around the land. We didn’t quite get the hang of things straight away and there was plenty of trial and error before we got anything remotely usable. However we were really taken with the building mechanics and instructions on how to use the different elements of the game.

Scrap Mechanic is in early access on Steam and, while it’s currently in Early Access, it’s already well featured and definitely worth playing if you’re into this kind of game. Especially if you have someone else to play with. Get it here! http://store.steampowered.com/app/387990/

Our Gameplay

We spent over an hour playing the game during our “The Kitchen” livestream and eventually figured out what we were doing. Check out the highlights in our first of our YouTube “Bumpkin Plays” videos below:

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A Challenge!?!

We’ll be playing this again in our next LiveStream (which will happen this Saturday rather than Friday).

What we want to do is set each other challenges as well as take on any challenge ideas you have out there! So if you have any cool ideas for what we could both attempt to build drop us a line either as a comment or by email.

As always we’ll be stream from here: https://www.twitch.tv/andybumpkin and will next be on Saturday 12th November.

So please follow us on Twitch and join us for our next stream to see what crazy scrap mechanic contraptions we come up with next!

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