The Real Tribloos

This being the third game in the series I wanted to do something a bit different and special. It needed to be something real and tangible.

So before this…

For Space Farmers we’d created Papercraft models of the two main characters. We did small ones and 6 large ones which we took to events. We actually had a hard time hanging on to them.

There was one instance back in 2014 when I left two large Papercraft Space Farmers next to someone else’s Occulus Rift overnight. When we came back the next morning there were two things missing and neither were the rift. Another time we were at Insomnia 52 (I think, I lost track of the numbers back then) and I remember spending a good 30 minutes politely saying “no” to a lady who was trying to blag one off us. They were too personal to me! I took ages making the plans and crafting them by hand.

Really what I should have done is Sold Them! But at the time I didn’t think that would make any money and it would have required me to tidy up the plans to make them presentable. Maybe we’ll make them public one day…

Wasn’t this supposed to be about Tribloos 3?

So when I was thinking about what I wanted to do this time it was obvious that Papercraft just wasn’t going to cut it. I’d toyed with the idea of making Tribloos styled items or toys before but very rarely got past the “wouldn’t it be nice” phase.

But this time, with the game almost complete back in November 2017 I decided to actually try it out for fun. So I contacted Mari at PictureToPuppet, an Edinburgh based group who turn child’s pictures into real life puppets. Check them out.

They’ve turned out fantastically, because they’re hand made they’re all slightly unique!

Want one?

We’ll be giving them away as part of competitions and giveaways over the next few months! So stay tuned to the blog and, probably Twitter and Facebook.

Also let me know what you think!

9 thoughts on “The Real Tribloos

  1. Hi Andy, this is dgriffith and I’ve been talking to you in the Tribloos 3 game forum over at BigFishGames. Obviously I had no problem finding your site and your blog post about the real life Tribloo plushies! I would love a chance to enter a giveaway to win one!! They are so cute and I really want to be able to have one to put next to my laptop! (I’m hoping it might bring me a little bit of luck when it comes to trying to beat some of the harder levels. Lol)

    I’m going to look your Facebook page up too. Thank you again for making the Tribloos games, each one just gets better and better than the previous one! Which I honestly didn’t think possible because each one is so much fun to play and also challenging to try to beat the clock on all of the levels.

    Have a wonderful day! Now, I’m off to go play more of Tribloos 3. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Debbie, Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment here! (I honestly thought I already had done).

      Thanks for the feedback on the game and for checking out our blog! I appreciate you liking our Facebook page too. I think we recently hit over 200 likes which is super awesome cool.

      As you signed up to our mailing list too I’ll mention I’ve been running a (semi-secret) competition on the PondFriends forum (If you didn’t already know). The way to enter was – “to sign up tot he mailing list”. So consider yourself entered in this giveaway! It’s running til the 15th of May and I’ll let everyone know the results shortly after.

      Thanks again!

      1. Hi Andy, No apology needed! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m super excited to know that I’ve been entered into the giveaway!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed! I’m having so much fun playing Tribloos 3…I honestly think this one is the most challenging to play but that is also making it so much funner!

        That is wonderful news about getting over 200 likes on your Facebook page! You just might be getting a couple more of them too. A couple of my caregiver’s have been watching me play Tribloos 3 and seem to have as much fun watching me play it, as I’m having actually playing it. I’ve told them where they could purchase it and also about your FB page, so I think you have 2 more fans! ๐Ÿ™‚

        I hope you’re having a great weekend! Thanks again for letting me know I was entered in the contest…I can’t wait for May 15th!

  2. Hi Andy, I’m still playing and loving “Tribloos 3”! I do believe though it is the most challenging one out of the 3 games…which is a good thing in my opinion, as it means it will be giving me many hours of enjoyment as I try to get 3 gold stars on each level.

    I was just wanting to check in and see if the giveaway winner(s) for the “Real Tribloos” had been chosen yet? I’ve been checking your FB page to see if maybe there was an announcement there but didn’t see one, so I thought I would check in here to find out! I’ve still got my fingers crossed that maybe I was among one of the lucky ones, to have won one of these adorable, cute Tribloos! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope your day has gone well and that the sales of “Tribloos 3” has continued to grow…the Tribloos games are a “must have” in my opinion, for anyone who enjoy playing Resource Gathering/Building/Time Management Games

    1. Hi Debbie, ahh for a second I thought you had won but sadly it was a different Debbie. I have posted the draw video over on Pondfriends just now.
      However! We’ll be running a further competition to celebrate the launch of the DRM free version on our Facebook page next weekend (or the weekend after if things get away from me this week). So there’ll be another chance to win very, very soon (we may well be giving more than 1 away in the next competition too so even more chances to win!).

      1. Hi Andy, sorry for the late reply. My computer has been down and in the shop…now though I’m back up and able to once again play my games and get online without the constant crashing!

        Darn, I was so hoping to have won one but I’ll keep my fingers crossed about the next giveaway! Please do think about giving more than 1 away, I’m sure all of the Tribloos fans would dearly love to have one of these adorable guys sitting on their computer desk next to them!

        Have a great weekend! I’m going to stop by your FB page to see if I can find the posts about the newest giveaway there and also just to check up and see what’s new. Congrats by the way, on the launch of the DRM free version of the game!

        Oh, also thanks for the update on Tribloos 3…I was shocked that the BFG manager actually showed me that there was an update for it this morning. The BFG manager is well known for NOT showing when a game update was available and we all depended on the game forum to notify us. When they announced the closing down of the forum, that was one of the concerns that everyone had (among many others) was how we were to know about an available game update. At least this time it finally worked correctly!

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