Space Farmers 2 Update

Time for a quick update on Space Farmers 2.

Some Good stuff that’s happened

While, as usual, we’ve not had the time to work on things as much as we’d like some progress has been made. We’ve moved to a new library to help with the networking and have been performing some tests on how that performs. Also we want to make sure it’s a viable alternative to us writing our own integrated networking. This library supports the idea of *gulp* servers so we’re also looking at procuring some test servers and uploading the server software and trying all that out.

Something I can show is some basic pathing I’ve been working on for enemies! It’s nothing special but I can have a multitude of enemies following this path and all being tracked on everyone’s client. And when I say everyone’s I mean more than 2 people (woop!)

Next is getting basic weapons and enemy attacking sorted. This is leading to a game mode we’ve been calling “The Fridge” since 2012 (yep, that’s how long we’ve been talking about Space Farmers games for now!) It’s the same as a dungeon defenders mission or a Team Fortress 2 MvM mission.

I’ve got no idea on a specific timescale for this yet (this month I’ve got far too much personal stuff going on, hence a blog post instead of a video or anything) But I should have some further news next month on how some of this went. But here’s a picture of some prototyping for the enemy pathing I had going on:

(ooh, animated giff thanks to my new mobile phone!)

What else is going on…

In other news it’s no secret I’m fresh out of the release of Tribloos 3 which has slowed me down somewhat. The “What do I do next?” question every developer asks themselves after a release always leaves a feeling of uncertainty and unease. However I’ve thrown myself back into this as much as possible (around my full time work and family time) which Rich is fighting to simply get some desk space to work from (it’s a long story).

I’ve got a few ideas for what to do next. One of which is some DLC for The Tribloos 3 which I’ve made a tentative start on. The other is a top down RPG shooter game which I made a prototype for a few weeks ago. My plan is to incrementally work on these for a few weeks and see what excites me the most and then focus on that for the rest of the year. I’ll show some more details on the blog presently.

So that’s about it for today!

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