Announcing: Space Farmers 2!

Yes, this is IT! We’re going to work on Space Farmers 2!

Space Farmers 2 Under Construction
We’re working on it!

It’s time to stock up on turnips, get out your laser powered blunderbusses and charge into another adventure with our intrepid intergalactic farmer friends.

Since it’s release in…gosh was it really 2014? Anyway, since it’s release we’ve been discussing with each other, and anyone who’ll listen, what else we wanted to do with the game. We love Space Farmers but we always knew it would be a first. Not quite a prototype but more of a…precursor for greater and wilder things.

We’re immensely proud and humbled by the number of positive reviews, comments and general good feeling there is towards the game. It’s because of this a sequel will exist.

We’re ready!

We’ve listened to your posts and reviews.

We’ve seen videos from Pewdiepie, RoosterTeeth and many others – we know how important turnips are to you all.

We know how funny people thought they were when they said “NO FARMING IN SPACE 1/10 LOLZ!” Yes, lols indeed.

We are acutely aware of controller issues, networking issues and so on. Also that some people still appear to believe there are servers involved when playing.

We have a big old list of things we know you want in the game, as well as our own.

And we intend to do as much as possible with this second outing for our favourite farmer folk.

So what’s the plan with Space Farmers 2?

Next week we’ll be laying out our plan of action, how we plan to deliver Space Farmers 2 and how you can be involved early on!

We’ll be talking about Space Farmers 2 during our “The Kitchen” live-streams – which will be moved to Saturday this week due to other commitments.

The Kitchen - Our Weekly Livestream
Join us In The Kitchen – The Bumpkin Brothers Livestream

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