Space Farmers 2 – Dev Diary 1

This weeks work on Space Farmers 2 has mostly been about remembering how frustrating it is to make online games. Mostly because to test anything you have to build it and run two separate instances.

But moaning aside some important steps have have been taken.

In the original game both players had to start the level together. Changes, like a player picking up a weapon, were synchronised via a single message. This meant that if a player joined AFTER the other player picked up a weapon – the other player would not appear to have the weapon.

This has been changed (yay!) and the foundation for a more ‘drop in and play’ method are now in place. Each networked object in the scene can synchronise various custom properties which allows us to keep track of exactly how the game should look to any new players.

Also we have our first weapons, which are rocket launchers. The reason for this is our first super pre alpha version will be a simple arena where we can see how many players can run around the world and shoot each other. Rocket launchers felt like a good fit for having a number of players / projectiles in the world and being able to see what was going on.

Don’t forget that you can track our progress on Space Farmers 2 at our Trello board (here) and talk to us on twitter (@BumpkinRich & @BumpkinAndy) on facebook or during one of our twitch streams.

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