A soppy post about love

There has been a lot of hate around recently. Political differences here in the UK and across the world have led to a lot of tension and anger.

So here is a post about love.


Space Farmers 2 is, for the foreseeable future at least, going to be our labour of love. We’re making it simply because we want to make it and hopefully some folks will find us and enjoy it. I wanted to take some time to explain why we we’re doing that.

After we completed Space Farmers we had taken an important step. We were on Steam and loads of youtubers (including pewdiepie) played our game. Things couldn’t look any better. But unfortunately we didn’t make many sales. Which was a bit of a downer to be honest. We had planned to make more of Space Farmers, funded by initial sales, but that was not to be.

I’m not going to say we made no money, but we certainly had to find ourselves some alternative employment before someone else started living in our houses.

When the dust had settled we had a choice to make. Financially it made sense to just sling games onto the steam storefront as quickly as possible. Grab some assets from the Unity store and flip them for a quick buck. Unfortunately, for our bank balance at least, our pride got in the way. We actually found it too hard to make a game our heart wasn’t in.

So we’re making Space Farmers 2, simply because we love the idea. This means development will be slower, as we’ll have jobs to do and families to be with, but we get to make a game with our heart in it. A game that let’s people play and create together – which we think the world needs a little more of.

One day we hope to make a living out of Space Farmers, some other game we haven’t thought of yet, or one of the many that we talk about making one day. Who doesn’t want to get paid for doing what they love.

But I hope that we won’t forsake our that feeling of love to do so.

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