Link Building with friends!

Hey, do you know us? Or, alternatively, should we know you? As we’ve restarted our blogging efforts we thought we should restart our link building efforts.

We’ve now got a links section in the side bar showing 5 random links from our collection of, well 5 links at the moment so they’ll all be the same! But we’re hoping to add many more in the near future.

Link building, as in, with you!

We’d like to do some kind of building links exchange with as many of you as possible. Currently we only have a few categories so far and we’re sure that’s not enough so as long as what you do is vaguely related to what we do give us a shout.

What we need from you is:

  • Your name or organisation name (obviously)
  • The URL you want us to link to
  • A 100x100px logo we can use (or we can just put a blank square there if you’ve got nothing)

A few additional points:

  • Please no betting sites. No, not even if you’re offering money.
  • It helps if we know you or know of you at least
  • It’s an exchange so if possible we’d love a link back to us!

So get in touch either by adding a comment below or by tweeting Rich or Myself or maybe Facebook if that’s you’re preferred network.

The links we currently have will appear below here – thanks for joining in!
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